Early Childhood Education and Your Chandler Preschool (Conclusion)

Do you know what is another important thing to look at when you’re hunting for a Chandler preschool? Whether or not they have playtime.

The Importance of Playtime in a Chandler Preschool

Playtime is a crucial part of playtime at our Chandler Preschool | Playtime is an important part of your Chandler Preschool | (480) 584-4064
Playtime is a crucial part of playtime at our Chandler Preschool | Playtime is an important part of your Chandler Preschool | (480) 584-4064

As we covered previously, sometimes, something as simple as play can determine how good of a preschool in Chandler you have.

How important is play in preschool? Play provides your children with a wide variety of valuable learning opportunities.   Play is where children start to relate to and understand the world around them.  The right sort of play can unlock your child’s imagination, and helps to develop vital skills such as critical thinking, and motor skills. It is in a way, the foundation for all of your child’s further learning.

What do preschool aged children learn when they play? Vocabulary and language skills for one.  During playtime, your children will start communicating with both adults and children, learning the language that they hear.  They’ll also start picking up new words.  As they play with things, they’ll know the words for toys, animals, cars, trucks, and so much more.  However, it’s not just your child’s vocabulary and language skills that will get a boost from playtime.

Imagination, Creativity, and Playtime At Your Preschool in Chandler

Our society moves fast.  There are myriad distractions out there which often stop children from developing their creativity.  That’s the beauty of open-ended playtime. Children who are given frequent opportunities to play can entertain themselves without someone telling them what to do all the time. With open-ended play, your children will develop their creativity.  But what about playtime to stimulate the imagination?

That is even simpler.  A few props, a few craft supplies, and a time frame, and children are taught to use their imagination.  Imagination leads to a lot of different skills including the ability to  brainstorm.  Brainstorming is important throughout school, work and even life.  It allows people to come up with ideas and solutions to problems.   Speaking of problems, did you know that simple playtime  can help to develop mathematical skills?  It can.  Playing with blocks help children to start recognizing symbols and the alphabet, as well as providing them with problem solving skills. Puzzles help children analyze patterns, and when they try to make puzzle pieces fit, children are gaining important math and problem solving experience as well.

As your Chandler preschool, we encourage helpful play.


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