Early Childhood Education and Your Chandler Preschool

As your preschool in Chandler, we know all about the importance of early childhood education.

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Call Your Preschool in Chandler | (480) 584-4064

Why is Preschool Important?

Preschool provides your child early childhood education.  Early childhood education provides toddlers with a number of vital skills that they will carry  with them throughout their lives, from academic development to socialization skills. Some parents start looking into preschools as soon as their children are born.  It’s not necessary to apply for schools so early, however, you do want to give yourself ample time to apply to the school of your choice once you feel your child is ready.

First things first, do your research. There are many schools out there with different ways of teaching and offering different programs. First off, you want to choose a school that coincides with your value system. If you family is of a particular religious persuasion, you don’t want something to clash with that.  Inversely, if you are secular, enrolling your child in faith-based preschool wouldn’t be a good fit.  No matter the type of preschool you desire for your child, there are important elements the preschool should have. Reputation is another thing to look at a Chandler preschool.

The Best Preschool in Chandler Should Have a Good Reputation

When looking for the best preschool in Chandler, ask around. Your family and friends with children are the best people to speak to and gain insight. They have been through the process and can tell you what their experience was like. Make sure you get good references and check to make sure they’re accredited with the state of Arizona, and that they pass their health inspections.

Once you have chosen the schools you are interested in, make tour appointments. During your time at each school, you will have the opportunity to meet with the director. You want to ask the director all the important questions. You want to know what are their discipline policies, education philosophies, turnover rate per teacher and nutrition philosophies, among other things. Pay close attention to how the director answers these questions. The director should be calm and confident in their answers.

One of the most important things to look at is also the feeling you get from the preschool.  If it feels repressive, or you get a bad feeling about it, trust your feelings.  Remember, it isn’t just about babysitting, it is about your children.  That way, you know that you haven’t just found a preschool, you’ve found the best preschool in Chandler.

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