The Must-Haves of a Chandler Preschool (Conclusion)

Another thing to look at for in a Chandler preschool is the special programs they have, such as summer camps.

As we covered previously, as your preschool in Chandler, we know that a stimulating preschool curriculum is crucial for your child’s development. This environment doesn’t necessarily have to be confined to a school year, however. You may wish to consider a summer camp.

A preschool summer camp is a great opportunity to make friends that can last a lifetime | (480) 584-4064
A preschool summer camp is a great opportunity to make friends that can last a lifetime | (480) 584-4064

A Preschool Summer Camp?

Most people have a pre-defined concept of a summer camp.  To a lot of people, summer camps are camps that pre-pubescent kids go to, usually somewhere in the woods where they can make birdcages out of popsicle sticks, or learn how to paddle a kayak or a canoe.  However, summer camps are a lot more than they used to be, and ages at summer camps have also changed.  There are summer camps for teenagers, summer camps for adults, and pre-school summer camps.

A preschool summer camp at TotSpot offers both outdoor and indoor activities and provides opportunities for the things that kids love such as making friends, having fun and exploring. The upshot of this is that they are learning decision making skills, cooperation, and responsibility.

What We Teach At Our Summer Camp for Kids

Our camp teachers team up to develop a summer-centric curriculum. Our summer camp is for children ages 2 – 8 years old and runs June through July, annd each week of our preschool summer camp has a theme. June 6-9 is our Farm Week. Kids will learn how food grows and meet some friends from the farm. June 13-16 set sail for adventure with our Princesses and Pirates theme week. From the 2oth through the 23rd, we teach children how to build things. And on the 27th through the 30th, it’s all about being superheroes. And that’s just June!

July has a wide range of activities from the Stars and Stripes to Outer Space, and bringing the coolness of winter to our hot Arizona summer. Regardless of the themes involved, each of our theme weeks help to teach your kids a lot of things, and done in such a way that not only do they remember it, they enjoy learning it.

So remember, you want your children to succeed. You want to instill in them a love of learning. You want them to be able to learn things that permeate our society such as teamwork, socialization, and other crucial components of early childhood development.
So whether it is through our preschool program or through our summer camp, we are your source for a good preschool education in Chandler.

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