The Must-Haves of a Chandler Preschool (Contd.)

What do you look for in a Chandler preschool?

As we covered previously, a good curriculum is one of the many factors you should consider.

Call a Preschool in Chandler | (480) 584-4064
Call a Preschool in Chandler | (480) 584-4064

The Curriculum of Your Chandler Preschool

As your preschool in Chandler, we know that a stimulating preschool curriculum is crucial for your child’s development.  A high quality, age appropriate curriculum has a schedule that balances free time, physical activities, and group and individual learning experiences among other things.

A good curriculum will make a school day more fun, while at the same time, stimulating your child’s development. Our preschool in Chandler also has a wide range of age-appropriate toys that will stimulate both imaginative as well as creative play and encourage your child’s development too. To teach this curriculum, the teachers and staff should be working as a team, like we do.

The Staff at Your Preschool in Chandler

Our  well trained and qualified, caring staff is another important factor in selecting us as your Chandler preschool. At TotSpot, all of our teachers have college degrees, teaching experience, and something deeper than all of that, a passion for teaching.

This holds true whether it is our regular school calendar or during our summer camp.  We love to teach, and we love children.  We have kids of our own, so we also have experience.  The key to our success as a preschool is the fact that we know that kids like to have fun, and so do we.  We make the learning environment at TotSpot both fun and educational.

This environment will help your children to adapt quickly.  It’s often scary for a child the first day of preschool, and we are here to help with the transition.

So remember, you want your children to have a good future.  Give them a head start in their education.  Get them into a good preschool.  We are that preschool.  We pride ourselves on being the best preschool in Chandler.


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