The Must-Haves of a Chandler Preschool

A Chandler preschool has to have a list of must-haves in order to take care of your children.

What You Need in a Preschool in Chandler

Call Your Preschool in Chandler | (480) 584-4064
Call Your Preschool in Chandler | (480) 584-4064

Your children are important.  That’s why the decisions you make with them really matter.  You need to do a bit of research before you enroll your children in preschool.

What do you look for in a preschool?  Well, it’s not just what they will learn, though that is of course part of it. As your preschool in Chandler, we know there is also the simple fact that you want your children to be safe, and you don’t want to have to worry about them while you’re at work or school.

While your requirements may vary, here is a general list that you want your preschool in Chandler to have and that we proudly offer:

They should have:

  • A current license from the State of Arizona
  • A good reputation
  • A stimulating curriculum
  • Established ground rules
  • A qualified, caring staff
  • Clean, safe facilities
  • Healthy food

You also want to visit our facility and ask a lot of questions. Ask about our accreditation, and maybe meet the owner and operator as well as some of our teachers. You also want your preschool in Chandler to be either A) close to home B) close to your work or C) on the way to them both.

You also have to look for good reputation, like ours. We scored a 100% from our DHS inspection, and have a lot of our parents offering testimonials.  A proper preschool should be well known for having a nurturing environment and have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, like we have.  But one of the biggest things that you are going to want to look for is the curriculum they offer.

Why Curriculum Matters in a Chandler Preschool

You want your children to have as many advantages as possible.  You want them to be ready for kindergarten.  And the time from birth until six years old is the most crucial in early childhood development. When do you enroll your kids in preschool? There is no cookie cutter answer. A great many preschools start accepting children at around age 2 ½, however, time isn’t as much of a factor as development is. What level of socialization are they at? Are they potty trained? How is their cognitive development? Any health problems or other concerns? You will want to know these answers before you sign your kid up.  You want to then get your children enrolled in a preschool with a good curriculum

Ultimately, however, the choice of a school is very simple. You want to make sure you find one that fits your budget as well as the needs of your children. That way you know, you’ve found the best preschool in Chandler.

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