The First Day of Pre-K Am WOW!


Wow!  The Pre-K AM classes are rockin’!  Our first day of school has just blown by and we couldn’t be happier with them!  We have some great memories from the first day of school, like our classroom safari and giraffe limbo games.  We were able to have music class with Ms. Melissa on Monday and just adored her.  She will be visiting us again on Thursday!  We can’t wait!  This week we are getting used to the classroom and how it all works.  We worked at the centers: Art, Playdoh, Math, Science, Sensory, Play and Language Arts and just loved every minute of it.  Tomorrow we will be starting our Handwriting without Tears program by getting used to our wood pieces, calling them by their names:  Big Line, Little Line, Big Curve and Little Curve.  They will be a huge part of our daily schedule!  Make sure to ask your preschooler about them.  This program helps them get comfortable with writing/drawing because it always stays at the  developmentally correct level for these 4 yr. olds.  I just love it!  You will be seeing our work coming home in the next couple of weeks from it.  This week we are looking at all about school and will be reading, “Have you Filled a Bucket Today?” Our classroom behavior program will be focused around it this year.  We will learn about how to “fill” someone’s bucket while filling their own at the same time.  And also how not to “dip” into someone’s bucket.  They will all be making their own bucket to take home, so be sure to ask about how it works.